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What is a 24 Karrots juice cleanse?

A 24 Karrots juice cleanse is an all natural way to give your body help in completing the task of eliminating toxins, detoxification.  Regular meals are replaced with delicious, nutritious, conventional/organic, cold-pressed vegetable and fruit juices.  It’s like a vacation in a bottle for the digestive system that powerfully nourishes the body while giving it time to more completely detoxify and heal than it can on a daily basis. 


Why is it So Important to Cleanse?

Our bodies cleanse naturally but when toxins build up faster than they are released, our digestive system begins to slow and struggle.  We have less energy and just don’t feel right. 


Toxicity and nutritional deficiency are two of the root causes of poor health.  Our  juice cleanse addresses both and is one of the most powerful proactive steps we can take in trying to live a healthy, long, pain free life.


A 24 Karrots cleanse nourishes the body while it naturally cleanses itself and kick starts a new stage of health.  When the toxins are flushed from the body you can start with a clean slate from which to build a healthier more energized you.


Another benefit is stronger self-discipline.  Saying no to cheeseburgers, pizza, fries, beer etc. during a cleanse and flooding your body with essential nutrients makes it easier and more natural to eat foods that provide these nutrients and avoid those that do not on a daily basis.   Your level of self-discipline in general will increase.  This exercise in self-discipline strengthens your ability to “just do it” when you know you should and say “no” when you know you shouldn’t. 


Do you usually/frequently ….?

  • Feel fatigued or sluggish

  • Have digestive problems—constipation, bloating, burp or pass gas

  • Have headaches or joint pain

  • Sleep poorly

  • Have poor eating/drinking habits—crave particular foods, drinks or stimulants

  • Have a weight problem—overweight or underweight

  • Have skin, hair or nail problems

  • Have high cholesterol

  • Have trouble concentrating

  • Feel unhappy with your general health and self-discipline

    Then a freshly made, all natural 24 Karrots juice cleanse can help unwind the damage from past behaviors and kick start a new stage of health.



It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3


  1. Choose the cleanse that’s right for you.

  • We offer our 24 Karrots Cleanse for 1, 3 and 5 days. 

  • We suggest a 3-day cleanse.  It will help your body eliminate toxins, run better, feel lighter, cleaner and more energized.  If your diet is high in fast food, alcohol, caffeine and processed food, it will help you ease into cleansing.

  • Choose a 5-day cleanse if: you’re experienced, your diet is high in whole natural foods and low in stimulants & you’re ready to give your digestive system a longer vacation.

  • We recommend the 1-day cleanse as a way to ease into cleansing or as a maintenance program after a particularly rough weekend.

     2.   Order your cleanse from 24 Karrots online, by phone, or in our store. 

  • Please order your cleanse 48 hours in advance. 

  • Your cleanse will be cold-pressed from fresh, all natural produce on the day that you choose.

     3.  Pick up your cleanse or have it delivered.

  • We will have your cleanse ready for pick up during our regular business hours.


  • We will deliver to your home or place of business during our delivery hours.



& get the most out of your cleanse


Get your body readyEase into your cleanse.  For one to three days before you begin your cleanse try to eat six small meals throughout the day.   A vegetarian or vegan diet is best but if that’s not for you, eat lots of fruit and vegetables.  For protein eat cooked (not fried) fish, chicken, turkey, almonds and beans.  Drink lots of water and try herbal teas in the morning and in the evening.


Dial back, or eliminate if possible, the following:

  • Caffeinated drinks

  • Alcohol

  • Dairy product

  • Eggs

  • Processed foods

  • Red Meat and deli meats

  • Greasy foods

  • Wheat

  • Sugar

  • Tobacco


Get your mind setstress and negative emotions can be as toxic as man-made chemicals in the environment.  Get a jump start on a healthy lifestyle and get the most benefit from your cleanse with these three stress relievers.

  • Get adequate rest.  Sleep is critical to good health.  It is essential that you sleep 7 to 8 hours every night. 

  • Practice a de-stressing technique.  Whatever works for you is fine.  Meditation, yoga, massage, exercise, music, sports, nature hikes, long walks with a friend or a dog can all help you to de-stress.

  • Move.  If you already exercise regularly, great.  If not, at least three 30-minute exercise sessions a week will work wonders. 


Go….with a friend or twoIf you do your cleanse with a friend or family member, it will be an even better experience.  Cleanse with co-workers.  The boss might even join you.  Cleanse with your spouse and kick start a healthy lifestyle together.  Cleansing with another or a small group makes the experience easier and fun.  You’ll support each other, compare notes along the way and share the success together. 

Daily Directions—A 24 Karrots cleanse program is easy to follow.  Because the juices are cold-pressed, oxidation is minimized.  Keep your juices refrigerated in their closed bottles for up to four days without losing their great taste or nutritional value.

  • Drink the herbal tea that we provide to start your day.

  • Drink the bottles in the following order:

  1. Breakfast………………………..King Kale
  2. Mid-Morning…………………...24K Signature

  3. Lunch…………………………...Beets by 24K

  4. Mid-Afternoon………………….Spicy Lemonade

  5. Dinner…………..………………Green Giant

  6. Evening Snack….………………Almond Dreams

  • Drink them approximately every 2 to 2.5 hours after your breakfast juice.

  • Shake each juice well and drink it slowly.

  • Drink the Smooth Move Herbal Tea that we provide before bed.

  • Continue the program for each day of your 24 Karrots cleanse.



Helpful Hints

You’ve made a commitment.  It’s not easy and it will take self discipline but you can do it.  The benefits make it more than worth the few days that you invest.  During your cleanse:

  • Preparing for your cleanse makes it much easier. See Get Ready, Get Set…Go.

  • Drink lots of water.

  • Enjoy herbal teas throughout the day (no sweeteners just lemon if you like).

  • If you get a headache, a cup of caffeinated tea is OK.

  • Definitely avoid alcohol and any type of carbonated beverage.

  • If you are starving and can’t do without food, try a small amount of low-sugar fruit, a handful of raw nuts (soaked if possible) or half of an avocado smashed and rolled up in a lettuce leaf.



Take it easy—You will probably not be as hungry after your cleanse as you might have thought. Ease your digestive system back into its normal function by eating/drinking gentle foods.  For the first day limit yourself to soup, salads, smoothies and light proteins like beans or fish.  Avoiding heavy, greasy, processed foods will be easier than you might think.  Continue making wise food choices.  Your body expects it at this point.


 You will feel GREAT—You’ll feel lighter and energized.  You’ll be surprised by how alive your taste buds feel.  Many people report uplifted mood and a sense of clarity.  You’ll feel good about your accomplishment.  Although a cleanse is not designed to lose weight, most people lose a few pounds.  Even better, their new lifestyle helps them to continue losing weight or maintain their ideal weight.


 Be Proud and Make Cleansing a Habit—Congratulate yourself, and your buddy or buddies who shared the experience with you.  You earned it.  Now keep it up.  Consider cleansing regularly.  How often depends on you.  We recommend once every season with a one-day every other week or whenever you feel the need.